The Fine Taste of Tradition

"Val Luretta" is an Italian "agriturismo", or farm holiday residence, located in the lush Luretta Valley, just a few miles from Piacenza. A quiet place surrounded by uncontaminated nature, it is perfect for reinvigorating the body and relaxing the mind.


The main building of the ancient farmstead dates back to the end of the 18th Century. It has maintained its wonder and glorious past.

The farm, located in an area once known as "La Costa dei Boraccia" (The Boraccia Coast) covers an area of about 22 hectors (approximately 50 square miles).


The land and buildings here have been owned and cared for by the Bollati family for four generations. They are from Piozzano.


The present owner is Antonella Bollati. Proud of her heritage, she continues to maintain strong ties with the land. Her father, Ottavo, passed on to her the importance of preserving the agricultural and rural traditions associated with their farmstead. However, it is overall thanks to her husband, Massimiliano Passante, manager of the farm, that business has continued to flourish.

Faithful to the tradition of simplicity, integrity and hospitality that characterise their heritage, Antonella and Massimiliano offer genuine specialties from the good earth: wholesome living and fine food grown in their fields that even the fussiest of eaters will appreciate, not to mention wine of excellence they make themselves. The cuisine here is of the Piacentine tradition (from Piacenza, whose name is a derivative of the word "pleasant") and comes from old recipes passed down over the years. They have revisited and revised the great cooking tradition of Antonella's grandmother, Cleonice, wife of Vittorio Bollati, and have worked hard to provide the same goodness her grandparents were so intent on maintaining, in order to give life and work greater value.

The service you receive reflects this great tradition: their trademark is generosity and making guests feel at home.


Val Luretta's Bed and Breakfast, located just a short distance from the main building, is called "Da Antonella" (Antonella's). You can reserve rooms there and the Bollati family caters to all needs: be it a weekend stay or a longer holiday.

"Val Luretta" agriturismo is located in an area that is rich in culture, nature, history and tradition. It offers woods and fields, but also nearby castles and museums. If, however, you just want to take a rest, there is no better place.

The open air and natural surroundings are great for children as well. There are cats running around the courtyard and chickens and goats in the fields. Wildlife is abundant, providing children with fascinating encounters in the woods and natural beauty.

"We promise you a unique experience, in the name of simplicity and quality.
It's the fine taste of tradition, but with a feeling like you're at home. Welcome!"

Antonella & Massimiliano

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