Excursions and Special Side Trips

“Val Luretta” is the perfect point of departure for daily excursions and side trips.
You can visit nature sites of particular beauty and interest, characteristic towns and villages, or ancient castles of historical and cultural significance.

“Val Luretta” will be happy to provide you with a map of the surrounding area so that you can discover for yourself the beauty of the Luretta Valley. There are well-marked trails you can follow or ancient mule tracks for the more rugged at heart.
These will lead you into the valley where you will appreciate the wonders of nature and get a glimpse of the local wildlife. It is a special experience, both for young and old.

If you don’t consider yourself an able excursionist, “Val Luretta” can organise your itinerary for you, satisfying whatever particular needs you may have.

If you are interested in culture and/or history, you can visit the castles of the Luretta Valley and nearby Tidone Valley, as well as local museums. They are full of artefacts and treasures of the past you will remember forever.

Finally, the city of Piacenza is about a 30-minute drive from “Val Luretta”. It is full of history, ancient architecture, art and churches. It is an authentic jewel of Italian culture and the local authorities pride themselves on organising cultural events and musical happenings.
Don’t miss the Farnese Palace and Museum, as well as the Municipal Theatre, the Ricci Oddi Art Gallery and much more!

“Have a nice visit!”

Antonella & Massimiliano

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