From Our Fields To Your Table

"Val Luretta" has two dining rooms that sit about 40 people comfortably. There is also a large summer terrace that sits 50. The view of the countryside from the open-air terrace is wonderful and the dining rooms are quaint, warm and pleasurable.



The cuisine is genuine, a mixture of the old and the new. It is in the tradition of "Piacentine" cooking (from Piacenza and its surrounding area) according to recipes that have been passed down over the centuries in the Bollati family.
Most of the food served here is grown and harvested directly on the farm. It is genuine and natural, wholesome and full of flavour. "Val Luretta" offers:
• wheat grown in the fields used to make pasta, bread and desserts;
• vegetables from the garden used as filling for "tortelli" (stuffed pasta dish) or as a side dish: fresh, with olive oil, with balsamic vinegar or as a sauce;
• eggs from the farm's chickens used to make pasta and delicious desserts;
• fruit grown on the farmstead served fresh or in syrup, also used to make jam and marmalade to put on bread or in cakes and pies.



The wine you drink here is also made on the farm by the Bollati family and they are particularly proud of its taste, quality and tradition.
Two kinds of grapes are used to make exquisite red wine: Bonarda and Barbera.
A mixture of these grapes provides Gutturnio, which in the days of the Roman Empire was shipped to Rome, helping to establish Piacenza's fine culinary reputation.

The menu at "Val Luretta" offers dishes that have been prepared with passion and a respect for the past. It varies according to what is available and best to eat in any given season.
You begin with the "antipasto", or appetizers of local pork products such as ham, salami and sausage and then go to the first course, including "tortelli" (with spinach, chard or pumpkin filling), "anolini" (pasta stuffed with meat sauce in broth), maccheroni (you've never had it like this!) and "pisarei e fasò" (a traditional dish of bread pasta and beans).
As a second course, you might try the traditional omelettes, the "bortoline" (a bread mix fried in oil, served with cheese or ham) or pumpkin flowers covered with batter and fried, not to mention more traditional meat dishes.
The desserts include "tiramisu" (a cross between ice-cream and cake made from coffee, biscuits and soft cheese; the name literally means "bring me up" in the sense of "make me feel better!"), "zuccotto" (a sponge-cake based chocolate crème delight) and other succulent desserts made by Massimiliano.


"Val Luretta" welcomes business luncheons or dinners, as well as group meals to celebrate important events (baptisms, communions, anniversaries, etc.).
Antonella and Massimo also have a special menu called "The Traditional Marriage Menu" for newlyweds who want to celebrate their wedding with a select group of friends and family. It consists of genuine, traditional cuisine topped with a "homemade" cake created especially for the occasion. There is no need to go far for wedding pictures; this agriturismo provides beautiful surroundings and characteristic spaces in which to photograph.


-:  "Please RESERVE your meals so we can make sure to give you the very best we have to offer!"  :-

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