Feel Great in the Calm of Our Countryside

"Val Luretta" offers rooms to let with breakfast at its Bed and Breakfast, "Antonella's". A quaint stone house sitting on the farmstead's main courtyard, it has been completely re-structured outside and re-furnished inside to guarantee you comfort as well as a feel for heritage and tradition.


Antonella's three cosy double rooms are tastefully decorated in the fine Italian style, with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and valley. In particular, you will enjoy looking out at Monteventano Castle and its characteristic round tower.


You can relax here without a care in the world.


Breakfast in the morning is a particular treat.  You'll find delicious homemade buscuits, cakes, bread, marmalade and fresh fruit. 
Every season has its specialties; for example, if you visit in autumn, you can taste our white or red "mosto", a special concentrate made from Val Luretta's sweetest grapes.


“Val Luretta” offers special weekend packages with meals and provides discounts for longer stays, depending on the season. If it’s more than breakfast you want, you can get a “mezza pensione” (one meal, lunch or dinner, provided each day) or a “pensione completa” (lunch and dinner both provided daily). Whatever your needs, “Val Luretta” has the solution.

“To RESERVE a room, give us a call. Come and feel great in the calm of our countryside!”


+++++++  PRICE LIST ++++++

• One night's stay with breakfast:  € 30,00 per person

• One night's stay with breakfast in a double room (one person): € 45,00

• Half Board: includes breakfast and one meal per day (lunch or dinner): € 55,00 per person

• Full Board: includes breakfast and two meals per day (lunch and dinner): € 70,00 per person

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